Wednesday 4 May 2022

John Lewis launches new course for employees to cut carbon

John Lewis launches new course for employees to cut carbon

The John Lewis Partnership has joined forces with the Energy Institute (EI) to rollout a new online training course, helping its employees cut carbon.

The ‘EnergyAware’ behaviour change tool will focus on employees’ energy consumption, energy use and how carbon can be quantified in their home and working lives.

An energy fund through its supply contract with ENGIE is helping to deliver EnergyAware.

[caption id="attachment_236034" align="alignnone" width="720"] An example of how EnergyAware looks for its users - Image: John Lewis[/caption]

The tool displays different images that you’ll find in a John Lewis store or in your home and how tweaking certain habits with these can have a bit impact on your carbon footprint.

Nadia Hartley, Partner & Commercial Analysis Manager, said: “This is a timely training tool given the tumultuous state of energy markets in 2022. Not only do we wish to support [staff] at home in the face of these trials but also support the behaviour change in our properties.”

“This is a far-sighted investment by John Lewis. It will accelerate the partnership’s journey to net zero and more broadly, equip 76,000 more people to make informed decisions in their everyday lives at work and home,” added EI Chief Executive Nick Wayth.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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