UN launches new net zero scrutiny group

The group has been formed to combat corporate ‘greenwashing’

Big Zero Report 2023

The United Nations (UN) has launched a new expert group to scrutinise corporate companies’ pledges to hit net zero; ensuring these are delivered on and not examples of ‘greenwashing’.

Businesses’ net zero roadmaps and plans will be analysed by the 16 experts to bring transparency and sincerity to their targets.

Many companies have faced backlash for ‘greenwashing’ campaigns, claiming they are doing more to benefit the environment than is actually the case. This has led to the group, which was originally spoken about at last year’s COP26 climate summit, being pushed into action.

António Guterres, UN Secretary General, said: “Despite growing pledges of climate action, global emissions are at an all-time high. Tougher net zero standards and strengthened accountability around the implementation of these commitments can deliver real and immediate emissions cuts.”

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