Lambeth Council circles 2030 as net zero date

It has devised a new climate action plan to cut down the borough’s carbon emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

Lambeth Council has set a plan to reach net zero by 2030.

The borough’s First Citizens’ Assembly has devised the plan, which includes five areas of action for the council to take.

The installation of sustainable draining to prevent flooding, increasing access to greenery, cleaner public transport, making homes more energy efficient and promoting more active forms of travel have been touted as key areas that need tackling.

Councillor Claire Holland said: “This plan does not just set out broad principles, goals and a vision for what Lambeth will look like in a decade – it has concrete steps and actions which we expect, and need, everyone to take.

“A representative group of residents set out a path to net zero, a pathway that is just and fair, reducing the inherent inequities in our society at the same time as reducing our carbon emissions. I pay tribute to everyone that has come together in the development of this plan.”

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