Worcester streets shine a light on multi-million-pound energy savings

Worcestershire County Council will spend £6 million on LED conversion of around 20,000 lights

Big Zero Report 2023

A local authority in Worcester has unveiled a plan to spend an estimated £6 million on a LED street lighting programme in a bid to save energy and cut emissions.

The scheme, launched by Worcestershire County Council aims to replace around 20,000 lights with more energy-efficient LEDs.

The new lights are forecast to cut energy costs by more than 60%.

Councillor Alan Amos, Cabinet Member with Responsibility for Highways and Transport said: “This is a budget of boundless ambition and limitless achievement for Worcestershire highways and transport, with spending and investment increasing across the whole network to record levels.”

More than 35,000 LED lanterns have already been installed across Worcestershire.

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