Wednesday 9 March 2022

Ireland breaks new wind power record!

Ireland breaks new wind power record!

Ireland's wind energy hit a new record in February, supplying nearly 53% of electricity demand.

According to Wind Energy Ireland, that was the highest share of demand ever achieved by wind in Ireland.

The report also suggests wind energy was the number one source of electricity throughout the month - on 5th February, it set a new All-Ireland record for the amount of wind energy on the system at 4,5GW.

The data shows during the windiest days of the month, wholesale prices were almost €100 cheaper per MWh than during less windy days, at €134.25 (£110.5) per MWh, versus €229.62 (£189).

Noel Cunniffe, Chief Executive Officer of Wind Energy Ireland, commented: “These results show the ever-increasing importance of wind energy and renewables for the Irish energy sector.

“The fact that wholesale prices fall when wind energy production is high shows that wind energy will play an increasingly important role in the coming months, mitigating the worst effects of the predicted price increases for consumers due to spiralling fossil fuel import prices.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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