Iron Mountain commits to transitioning cars to 100% EVs by 2030

Its shorter term goal includes converting 10% of its worldwide fleet to EVs over the next three years

Big Zero Report 2023

Iron Mountain, a US enterprise information management services company, has made a commitment to transition its car fleet to 100% electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030.

It has joined the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative and also set a target to switch 50% of its vans to EVs during the same period.

As an initial step, the company has committed to switching 10% of its worldwide fleet of more than 5,000 cars to EVs by 2025.

Iron Mountain started the electrification of its fleet a few years ago, with 24 EV vans in the UK and continental Europe.

It has placed an order for an additional 25 all-electric vans, which will be placed in London, Germany, the Netherlands and North America.

William Meaney, President and CEO of Iron Mountain said: “As part of RE100, Iron Mountain committed to 100% renewable electricity worldwide. We have already achieved 80% from initiatives, including powering our data centres entirely with renewable energy.

“Joining the EV100 advances that commitment and furthers our goal to reach net zero emissions. We’ve already reduced our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 60% since 2016 and electrifying our global fleet will accelerate that while allowing us to continue to secure a sustainable future for our customers.”

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