BBVA halves data centre carbon emissions with IBM tech

It has stated the use of the new technology for the next five years will reduce emissions by close to 500 tonnes

Big Zero Report 2023

BBVA has halved its carbon emissions from data centres in Spain and Mexico with the installation of new IBM technology.

It has stated the IBM z15 central processing equipment has allowed it cut energy usage by 50% at the centres.

The bank has announced that using the new technology for the next five years, will decrease energy costs by 51% and reduce carbon emissions by just shy of 500 tonnes.

Desirée Granda, Global Head of Premises & Services at BBVA, said: “We have the most advanced data processing centres in the world, which are already very efficient – but we are not satisfied.

“We are continually looking for new initiatives that allow us to reduce their energy consumption and associated carbon footprint.”

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