Tuesday 25 January 2022

Environment Act gives boost to biodiversity business

Environment Act gives boost to biodiversity business

Environment Bank (EB), a Yorkshire-based nature restoration business, helps ensure new developments boost biodiversity and following the new Environment Act has been able to heavily expand its work.

The new Act means that biodiversity net gain is mandatory for new developments and infrastructure projects, leading to the company hiring 20 new staff to restore nature and habitats.

The business focusses on ensuring habitats impacted by developments are created with a minimum 10% gain for nature.

EB claims its biodiversity credit scheme is the first of its kind in England and can now be used to help many more landowners and planning authorities build better for the environment.

Founder Professor David Hill said: “Biodiversity net gain means leaving the natural environment in a better state than before a development or infrastructure project was built.

“Ensuring this happens via the planning process has now been made law through the Environment Act.

“This presents a greater opportunity than ever before to restore nature across our country at scale. This is critical because we have seen an unprecedented 60% decline in biodiversity over the past five decades.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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