Cushions and carpets for holy net zero?

The Church of England is looking at potential measures that could help it reduce emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

Rules on ‘soft furnishings’, including cushions and carpets might be relaxed in churches across the UK to help the Church of England reach its climate targets.

The measure is part of a set of recommendations that the Church of England’s General Synod is currently looking at to minimise the carbon footprint of churches.

ELN has seen draft legislation documents that state: “changes to kneelers, hassocks, pew runners or cushions are permitted so long as they do not result in a major change to the overall appearance of the church.”

There are also recommendations to permit carpet runners between pews.

The proposals, set out by the Church of England’s Net Zero Carbon Faculty Working Group, are predicted to reduce churches’ need for heating.

The group’s report also aimed to encourage behaviour that will move churches towards net zero carbon.

The Church of England has committed to reaching net zero by 2030.

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