Shell converts fuel pumps to EV chargers in Fulham

It has opened its first EV charging hub in West London

Big Zero Report 2023

Shell has launched its first UK electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in Fulham, London.

In a first for the company, its existing petrol and diesel site has been converted to cater solely for EVs.

The Fulham site has nine 175KW rapid chargers, which Shell claims can take an EV’s battery level from 0-80% in 10 minutes.

Built-in solar panels are a feature of the site, with the chargers running on 100% renewable energy.

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said: “It’s fantastic to see Shell leading the way with their brand-new charging hub, offering EV drivers an easy and rapid charging experience.

“With more people making the switch to EVs than ever before, this is exactly the type of facility we need to help make the transition as simple as possible for drivers up and down the country.

“This government has committed £2.5 billion to vehicle grants and infrastructure to support the switch to EVs. In addition to government efforts, it is equally encouraging to see businesses support the EV transition – and Shell’s new hub is a brilliant example of the UK’s huge effort to go green and reach our important net zero targets.”

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