Friday 14 January 2022

New partnership for net zero carbon micogrid design tool

New partnership for net zero carbon micogrid design tool

A new partnership has been announced between XENDEE Corporation and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to develop a design tool for net zero carbon microgrids.

The Net Zero Carbon platform will consider a wide variety of distributed energy and sustainable technologies, including solar, battery storage, fast charging for electric vehicles (EVs), hydro-storage, combined heat and power (CHP) systems and small nuclear reactors.

It is based on XENDEE's microgrid design and operation software, which will calculate the optimal time to make investment decisions, account for year-over-year changes in the financial and technological environment and simulate the operation of the microgrid at peak efficiency to meet organisational goals.

To fully realise the new net zero carbon design tool for microgrids, INL and XENDEE will build upon the company's platform to standardise design, research, investment and decision support.

Advanced training will also be provided, in addition to continued project and feature support, including new technologies.

Tim McJunkin, Distinguished Researcher in Power and Energy Systems said: “XENDEE offered a single comprehensive tool for microgrid design and modelling that efficiently optimises design and investment, power flow simulations and organisational goals to meet resiliency requirements and cost efficiency

“Additionally, with modelling considerations for greenhouse gas emissions and a variety of energy generation technologies, we can harness a variety of solutions to offer sustainability without sacrificing resiliency and energy security. This is why we selected XENDEE and now we are partnering with XENDEE.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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