East Suffolk Council asks residents to cut down Christmas waste

It has ensured recycling collections are continued throughout the festive period and made clear what can be recycled to stop Christmas leading to heavy plastic and paper waste

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East Suffolk Council is urging its residents to cut down waste this Christmas.

With an estimated 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging and 8,300 hectares of wrapping paper thrown away in the UK every Christmas, the council has implemented a blue household recycling bin scheme for locals.

It has stressed that most wrapping paper is recyclable – as long as it is not covered in glitter or foil-effect papers – as well as hard plastic, aluminium foil, newspaper, magazines, cans and plastic bottles.

The council has also urged residents to only buy the food they need this festive season and to freeze and reuse unused meat and veg – with an estimated two million turkeys and 17.2 million sprouts thrown away every Christmas.

The blue recycling bins within the area will be collected as normal throughout the Christmas period to increase recycling rates and cut down the county’s waste.

Councillor James Mallinder said: “We appreciate that what can and cannot be recycled in the blue bin at home can be confusing however paper, card, plastic bottles and cans can all easily be recycled. If residents are unsure whether an item is recyclable, we would urge them to check the Suffolk Recycling website or ask us through social media.

“We would also like to encourage people to consider what they are buying this Christmas and choose recyclable materials if possible, as well as being mindful of overbuying food which may ultimately go to waste.”

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