Sussex Uni commits to net zero by 2035

It has set new environmental targets in its attempts to become one of the world’s most sustainable universities

Big Zero Report 2023

The University of Sussex has released a new sustainability plan, committing to achieving net zero emissions by 2035.

The university plans to become ‘one of the world’s most’ sustainable universities through its new strategy that has been created by students, staff, partners and stakeholders.

It has pledged to recycle 50% of its waste by 2025; reducing the waste produced per student by 10% in this time. It is set to build a solar farm on its campus and ensure its suppliers meet a certain level of sustainability, as 60% of its emissions are indirect.

The Falmer-based campus is set to become what Sussex claims to be the UK’s most biodiverse campus, with half of the site being devoted to nature.

Vice Chancellor, Adam Tickell, commented: “Our ambition is simple and clear; to be one of the most sustainable universities in the world. To achieve this, we will show global leadership in all forms of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

“Universities exist to answer the big questions and there is no bigger question than how we build a sustainable planet. This is the greatest single challenge facing humankind and this strategy puts sustainability right at the heart of everything we do.”

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