Friday 2 July 2021

Little Zero: Clarity, transparency and integrity

Little Zero: Clarity, transparency and integrity

Clarity, transparency and integrity are vital to reaching net zero - but how can a business ensure these qualities form a central part of its sustainability plan?

At Festival Net Zero, Samuel Clements and Jeremy Nicholson from Alfa Energy were joined by the Carey Group's Head of Sustainability Anna Baker in a discussion surrounding the key to achieving an effectual net zero strategy.

They explored the difference between Science-Based Targets and net zero targets, the importance of the data strategy and systems that underpin it and the need for an ambitious, collective, achievable and demonstrable plan.

Click here to watch the full session, which closed with real-life issues and pointers to consider when establishing a net zero strategy for your business.


We have produced a thought leadership report with all of our partners to help you navigate your path to net zero – you can download it here.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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