‘Eco-scores’ for greener baskets!

A pilot launch will see a group of leading food brands launch front-of-pack environmental scores on a range of products in September

Big Zero Report 2023

A new traffic light system will be introduced for British food products as early as September to help consumers make more sustainable decisions on the groceries they buy.

A new non-profit organisation named Foundation Earth is behind the initiative that will see the packaging of well-known products show their environmental score reflecting their impact on the climate.

The method assesses a food product’s environmental impact by reviewing its farming, processing, packaging and transport practices.

The labelling method was developed by the sustainability advisory company Mondra using data from a paper which was published by researchers at the Oxford University and Agroscope in 2018.

Foundation Earth is backed by the government, the global food giant Nestlé and British brands including Marks & Spencer and the Co-op.

UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs George Eustice MP commented: “Foundation Earth’s ambitions to develop eco-labelling on food has the potential to help address the urgent challenges of sustainability and climate change.”

Professor Chris Elliott OBE, Chair of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Committee, said: “The development of a more transparent, sustainable global food supply system is of huge importance to the health of our planet and the health of all citizens.

“We need a system based on the core principles of integrity.”

Image: Foundation Earth

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