New partnership to develop carbon-free energy storage tech for data centres

Lummus Technology and Energy Internet Corporation aim to provide long duration energy storage, using power from renewable energy sources

Big Zero Report 2023

Lummus Technology and Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) have announced a partnership to collaborate on developing carbon-free technology to store and generate power for the data centre market using compressed or liquefied air.

The technology will provide long duration energy storage, using power from renewable energy sources.

The agreement is part of Green Circle, Lummus’ new business entity formed to place the company at the forefront of the energy transition and circular economy, offering sustainable solutions including converting plastic waste into value-added products, production of chemicals and fuels from biomass and decarbonisation of refinery and petrochemical assets.

EIC combines process engineering and hardware systems with AI, IoT and cloud infrastructure technology to produce novel solutions for long duration energy storage, water desalination and gas liquefaction and refrigeration,

Under the agreement, Green Circle which will be responsible for providing research, engineering, equipment modules and technical services.

EIC CEO Shankar Ramamurthy said: “Lummus is a critical partnership for EIC. Their design, process and equipment technology leadership combined with our software and design architecture innovations are perfect complements to each other.

“We believe that our partnership accelerates data centre transition to environmentally sustainable operations, by providing zero carbon and net zero water energy solutions that are less expensive, more reliable and more available than alternatives today.”

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