Icelandic firm Össur to become carbon neutral in 2021

The company, which manufactures orthopaedics equipment, including prosthetics, says it will achieve the goal for energy and fuel consumption, waste generation as well as business travel

Big Zero Report 2023

Össur, an Icelandic company that manufactures and sells non-invasive orthopaedics equipment, including prosthetics, has announced it will become carbon neutral in 2021.

It has been working towards a carbon neutral operation and will achieve the goal for energy and fuel consumption, waste generation, business travel and transportation of goods and electricity consumption of food suppliers this year.

This represents direct and indirect emissions, i.e. Scope 1 and 2 and selected Scope 3 emissions.

Össur has partnered with First Climate, a service provider of carbon emissions management, to achieve carbon neutrality.

The company has committed to continue to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, source all of its electricity from renewable energy sources and offset the remaining emissions by supporting emission reduction projects.

Jon Sigurdsson, President and CEO of Össur said: “We care about the environment and take our responsibility seriously. We have been actively working on establishing a good overview of the company’s carbon footprint and are proud to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary by becoming carbon neutral.

“As part of our larger commitment to sustainability, we are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Action is one of four UN Sustainable Development Goals we have chosen to focus on. The others are Good Health & Wellbeing, Gender Equality and Responsible Consumption and Production.”

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