Friday 20 November 2020

WEBINAR – Digitizing Your Energy & Sustainability Strategy: Building Resilience with AI

WEBINAR – Digitizing Your Energy & Sustainability Strategy: Building Resilience with AI

Join our webinar to learn about digital tools available to you to quickly identify and act on energy and resource opportunities to drive greater value and impact to your bottom-line.

While we find ourselves in a dramatic worldwide energy and climate transition, most companies today still face data challenges that limit their energy & sustainability approach. Companies struggle with inconsistent, incomplete, overabundant, and poor-quality resource consumption and cost data. The introduction of AI allows companies to get more value out of the data they produce and provides more accurate and efficient analysis as the foundation of an energy and sustainability strategy.

Companies that meet the challenge of tackling climate change deploy connected, centralized, and reliable data analytics that leverage AI and Machine Learning to predict changes to their portfolio and where opportunities and innovation lie to decarbonize the global economy.

On a site level, AI for microgrids is an excellent way to integrate and optimize high concentrations of distributed energy resources and respond to grid events rapidly. Today’s complex microgrids require more data to deliver automated, accurate forecasting of short-term production and consumption. It is critical to have an intelligent artificial intelligence system to automatically learn the local context and then issue a forecast. This is also about the ability to absorb and evaluate thousands of touchpoints across the grid. An automated model, with artificial intelligence and machine learning, will ultimately be able to scale with fine precision.

“We see tremendous opportunity to use the data and insights generated by organizations today to drive more than just operational benefits. This data, combined with the expertise of our global team, can significantly enhance how companies approach sustainability,” said Steve Wilhite, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric. “A mind-plus-machine approach has already proven itself for applications in financial advising and traditional business consulting. We’ve found that collaborative intelligence produced by this newest class of technology, in conjunction with our world-class consultants, helps our clients create a sustainability-based competitive advantage.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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