Brighton’s new lamppost EV chargers deliver first carbon savings

During the first two months of operations, the charging points are estimated to have saved around 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions

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Almost 200 new lamppost electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Brighton have saved approximately 11.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions during the first two months of their operation.

That’s according to data obtained by the Brighton and Hove City Council, which suggests in September and October the new EV charging infrastructure was used 1,191 times and delivered 13,402kWh worth of energy.

The £400,000 project was funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and the operator Electric Blue.

Chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee Amy Heley: “We know that in order to meet our climate goals and improve air quality, we need to drastically reduce car use in our city.

“However, we also know that for those people who need to drive in the city, having the right infrastructure in place is a big consideration for choosing whether or not to go electric.”

Brighton has committed to becoming carbon-neutral city by 2030.