Tesco’s pilot scheme reduces household food waste by 76%

The six-week initiative, which was delivered by the environmental charity Hubbub, also helped participants save £16.50 every week

Net Hero Podcast

A pilot scheme launched by Tesco and delivered by the environmental charity Hubbub has managed to reduce household food waste by an average of 76%.

The six-week ‘No Time for Waste Challenge’ initiative helped a total of 53 households across the UK save money and cut food waste – there was an average reported saving of £16.50 every week.

The programme offered households a series of measures, from help with meal planning to leftover-inspired cooking sessions with professional chefs, to help them reduce their food waste.

These savings appeared to have continued after the scheme was completed, as nearly 94% of the participants said they were wasting less food than before the pilot, while 78% said that they were spending less money on food.

According to figures, household food waste in the UK makes up 71% of edible post-farm food waste.