Monday 19 September 2016

Water deregulation could lead to great savings for business

Water deregulation could lead to great savings for business

Businesses need to start planning now for the most radical changes in the water industry for a generation.

That’s the message from cost management firm Great Annual Savings (GAS) ahead of the retail water market opening in April next year.

Deregulation of the water industry is aimed at generating more competition in the marketplace in England.

GAS predicts that businesses could save thousands of pounds off their utility bills if they prepare well for the changes in advance.

Bradley Groves, Chief Executive and Chairman of GAS said: “Deregulation will have a significant impact on the business community. Now is the perfect time for companies to start carrying out audits of their water consumption so that they’re in a position to take advantage of the best deals when they come available. Some companies mistakenly think that they need to wait until next April but by then some of the best deals will have been advertised and snapped up.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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