Tuesday 20 September 2016

Biomethane now valid for emissions reporting

Biomethane now valid for emissions reporting

Grid-injected biomethane gas is now eligible for company emissions reporting.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol - the global standard against which large organisations measure, manage and report greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) - has recognised that Green Gas Certificates, issued by its scheme, can support a business’s reporting of onsite GHG emissions.

Through the use of these new certificates, which track the use of grid-injected biomethane, companies can now report near-zero GHG emissions for gas combusted onsite.

The new rules provide new opportunities for large organisations to show they have reduced their carbon impact by using this kind of gas.

UK biomethane shipper, Barrow Green Gas (BGG), has welcomed the news.

Tim Davis, BGG's Managing Director said: "Now that green gas certificates have been officially recognised, companies using green gas can report near-zero GHG emission for green gas used onsite. We would be delighted to supply green gas to any businesses that are looking to reduce their reported emissions.

"With public disclosure and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions becoming standard practice in industry, this will be a valuable option for many companies looking to demonstrate their commitment to operating sustainably."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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