Thursday 8 February 2024

Electric vehicles: Solution to UK road noise?

Electric vehicles: Solution to UK road noise?

A recent study suggests that electric vehicles (EVs) could be the answer to reducing road noise in the UK.

Conducted by GRIDSERVE, a technology-enabled sustainable energy company, the research found that about 27% of respondents believe EVs could help alleviate noise pollution on the streets.

GRIDSERVE's study indicates that electric cars are quieter than traditional petrol or diesel vehicles, making them a potential solution to the noise problem.

Noise pollution affects a large portion of the population, with 81% of Britons able to hear road noise around their properties, according to the study.

Among those affected by road noise, 20% reported negative impacts on their lives, ranging from sleep disturbances to mental health concerns.

Additionally, some individuals have resorted to measures like double or triple glazing windows or playing constant music to cope with the noise.

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Sumit Bose

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