Addressing your van electrification concerns

The prospect of saying goodbye to your trusted internal combustion engine (ICE) maintenance, delivery and
operations vans might still feel hugely uncomfortable. But, with the 2035 ban on the manufacture and sale of new ICE vehicles, it’s going to happen sooner or later – and doing it sooner offers business benefits

Big Zero Report 2023

Fear of the unknown

Organisations’ electrification discomfort is slowing the UK’s van transition down. Just 0.9% of the country’s vans were electric last year, according to the Logistics UK report.

The concerns holding organisations back include EV vans’ payload capacities, single-charge driving distances and potential driver resistance. They also include worries over whether the UK’s charging infrastructure’s adequate.

However, fleet electrification – while a potentially expensive and disruptive transformation – brings with it opportunity. Electric vans offer a visible symbol of an organisation’s sustainability commitment, reduce organisations’ carbon footprints and help save on longer-term operational costs.

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