OVO acquires EV startup

The energy supplier has acquired Bonnet, a UK-based public charging startup

Big Zero Report 2023

OVO has finalised its acquisition of Bonnet, a UK-based public charging startup.

Bonnet’s technology consolidates nationwide public charge points into a single app, offering EV drivers access to over 27,000 chargers at 7,000 locations.

The app eliminates the need for users to switch between various cards or logins, streamlining the charging experience.

Mat Moakes, Chief Commercial Officer, OVO, said: “Using innovative technology they’re connecting EV drivers to the best charging networks available and turning every charge point into an accessible and simple charger that any driver can use.”

Eliot Makabu, CTO and Co-Founder of Bonnet commented: “Reducing the impact of climate change sits at the core of our business and, through our efforts, we have been enabling people to drive cleaner vehicles.”

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