WWU assesses hydrogen potential in North Wales

Wales & West Utilities is conducting a feasibility study in partnership with Apollo Engineering to assess the existing infrastructure in North Wales for potential hydrogen transportation

Big Zero Report 2023

Wales & West Utilities (WWU) has unveiled a project aimed at evaluating the potential of its current infrastructure in North Wales to facilitate hydrogen transportation.

The project aligns with the UK and Welsh Government’s ambitions for industrial decarbonisation and could potentially be implemented by the early 2030s.

In collaboration with Apollo Engineering, WWU will conduct a comprehensive feasibility study to assess the infrastructure requirements for advancing hydrogen opportunities in Wrexham and Deeside, including their connections to the HyNet project.

HyNet is actively working on establishing core hydrogen and carbon dioxide pipelines in the North West industrial cluster, with implications for North Wales.

The WWU project will examine various supply and demand scenarios to determine the extent of hydrogen deployment to industrial customers before 2030 and domestic customers beyond 2030.

It will also explore options for modifying the existing approach to industrial cost-sharing schemes to potentially reduce the costs associated with expanding hydrogen adoption within the industrial sector.

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