Wednesday 25 October 2023

‘UK’s cheapest’ EV energy tariff unveiled

‘UK’s cheapest’ EV energy tariff unveiled

EDF has teamed up with EV charging operator, Pod Point, to introduce the "UK's most affordable" electric vehicle (EV) charging tariff.

This new tariff, exclusively available to new Pod Point home customers who opt for EDF as their energy provider, offers a low rate of 7.4 pence per kilowatt hour for energy consumed between midnight and 05:00, a period when EV owners typically schedule their vehicle charging.

This competitive pricing combines an attractive overnight rate with a competitive daytime rate, providing customers with the "best overall EV tariff" for their typical usage.

The tariff is also fixed for one year, offering added stability.

Pod Point Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andy Palmer, said: "This tariff will make home EV charging more affordable for thousands of households across the country, whilst still providing a competitive peak rate to deliver the overall cheapest EV tariff."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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