West Midlands boosts net zero with new battery storage facility

EDF Renewables UK has launched the Bustleholme battery storage facility in Sandwell, West Midlands

Big Zero Report 2023

EDF Renewables UK has announced the opening of its Bustleholme battery storage facility in Sandwell, West Midlands.

This facility is part of a broader effort to enhance the region’s energy infrastructure and support the adoption of renewable energy sources.

Battery storage systems like this one play a crucial role in storing surplus energy generated during periods of excess supply, subsequently releasing it into the grid during periods of high demand.

The facility’s operation is expected to bolster grid stability, enable increased integration of renewables, reduce carbon emissions, and promote economic growth.

Additionally, this development, alongside another battery site in Coventry set to be operational in November, has the potential to facilitate the growth of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the West Midlands.

Through a private-wire network, substantial power can be supplied to support public charging stations, bus depots, and commercial fleet charging stations in northwest Birmingham.

Andy Street. Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “Our region was the birthplace of the industrial Revolution and today the West Midlands finds itself at the forefront of the Green Industrial Revolution.

“Green energy sources will play a vital role in helping us to honour our #WM2041 Net Zero commitment and reliable battery storage – for when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining – is essential if we are to harness the full potential of renewable energy.

“This EDF Renewables Bustleholme announcement will upgrade battery storage capability in our region and showcase the benefits to local people and businesses that a low carbon future can deliver.”

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