Wednesday 18 October 2023

Net Hero Podcast – Light up your life the lighter way!

Net Hero Podcast – Light up your life the lighter way!

It's the most abundant element in the universe, lighter than air and firey too! But is Hydrogen really going to play a big role in our net zero future?

Whenever the topic of Hydrogen pops up there's lots of furore, its detractors say it's too expensive to make, unsustainable, impractical and limited. Its champions say Hydrogen can give us a ready made substitute for natural gas and is the key to an equitable transition.

So what's the truth? I discuss that this week, with Danielle Stewart who works for National Gas and is heading up a pilot scheme looking at the large scale deployment and transportation of H2 around the country. We delve into the myths around its safety, its green credentials and the practicalities of what it will mean to you the consumer.

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Written by

Sumit Bose

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