Council saves £540k annually with LED upgrades

Hammersmith and Fulham Council’s adoption of LED lighting in more than 450 buildings is expected to yield annual cost savings of £540,000

Big Zero Report 2023

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has reported substantial cost savings following the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting across more than 450 of its buildings.

This initiative encompasses over 23,500 light fittings and 11,000 emergency lights in communal areas and hallways on council estates.

The transition to LED lighting is expected to result in an annual reduction of £540,000 in energy expenditures for the council.

This shift towards LED lighting is projected to reduce the council’s carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 122 tonnes annually, which is equivalent to the emissions from 120 return flights between London and New York.

Councillor Rowan Ree, Hammersmith and Fulham Cabinet Member for Finance and Reform, said: “These huge savings help keep your council tax low as we deliver ruthlessly financially efficient services.

“And they’re also better for the environment as they last much longer and cost less to run than traditional bulbs.”

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