Church of England commits £30m for low carbon upgrades

The Church of England has committed £30 million to boost energy efficiency in its buildings

Big Zero Report 2023

The Church of England has earmarked £30 million for initiatives focused on reducing emissions and improving energy efficiency.

This allocation aims to support various Church properties, including churches, cathedrals, schools, and clergy houses, in their efforts to achieve net zero emissions.

In addition to addressing carbon emissions linked to energy consumption, the Church seeks to enhance energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy sources.

The funding for these initiatives is provided by the Church Commissioners for England, with the project structured in several phases.

Julian Atkins, the director of the net zero carbon programme at the Church Commissioners, has noted that further details on the application process for dioceses and parishes will be made available in the future.

The initial phase of the programme will provide grants to dioceses, parishes, and schools, with a primary focus on reducing carbon emissions.

Approximately 600 churches with the highest energy consumption will receive fully funded energy audits, along with grants for action plans and emissions-reduction projects.

An additional 1,000 churches will be eligible for subsidised energy audits.

The initiative also includes a ‘Quick Wins’ component designed to fund projects such as the installation of energy efficient lighting and heating solutions.

Furthermore, there is a ‘Pilot and Evaluation Fund’ to facilitate trials of net zero carbon technologies.

Demonstrator churches will receive support, with the goal of sharing their successful emissions reduction efforts with others.

Cathedrals will also undergo evaluation, with energy surveys planned for more than 100 Church of England clergy houses across four dioceses, encompassing various housing types and uses.

These surveys will provide insights into the necessary steps to achieve the Church’s net zero carbon goals.

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