Wednesday 11 October 2023

Google’s AI project aims to slash UK city emissions

Google’s AI project aims to slash UK city emissions

Google is set to launch an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered traffic optimisation project, named 'Green Light,' in the UK.

The initiative, part of Google Research, utilises technology and Google Maps driving data to analyse traffic patterns and recommend improvements to existing traffic light systems.

This project aims to reduce emissions caused by the incessant starting and stopping of vehicles at intersections.

This phenomenon contributes to almost half of emissions at these critical junctures, making them hotspots for pollution.

City engineers can swiftly implement these recommendations using existing infrastructure, taking as little as five minutes to do so.

Moreover, by coordinating the synchronisation of traffic lights across multiple adjacent intersections, Green Light promises to enhance traffic flow, further mitigating stop-and-go emissions.

Early results of the implementation of the project suggest potential reductions of up to 30% in stops and a 10% reduction in emissions at intersections.

Currently, Green Light operates in 70 intersections spanning 12 cities globally.

David Atkin, Analysis and Reporting Manager at Transport for Greater Manchester said: "Green Light identified opportunities where we previously had no visibility and directed engineers to where there were potential benefits in changing signal timings.

"This provided valuable insights for our city with 2,400 traffic signals. Both the Green Light and Transport for Greater Manchester teams brought expertise and ideas to the table to improve journeys and reduce emissions."

Written by

Sumit Bose

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