UK smashes low carbon electricity record with wind power

On Monday 18th September, the UK achieved a new low carbon intensity record of 27g/kWh, according to new data

Big Zero Report 2023

The UK has set a new record in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from its electricity.

On 18th September at 2pm, the grid achieved a new low carbon intensity record, hitting just 27 grammes per kilowatt-hour (g/kWh), according to a new report by National Grid ESO.

This beats the previous record set earlier this year on 10th April, which stood at 33 g/kWh.

Wind power played a pivotal role, contributing 48% of the electricity supply on that day.

Nuclear energy followed at 18.9%, with solar power at 4.3%, and gas at 14.5%.

The total carbon intensity for the entire day was 66 gCO2/kWh, with renewables making up 57% of the energy mix.

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