‘Nearly 15% of UK company vehicles are electric’

The county showing the least preparedness for the EV transition is Powys, where only 3.01% of all licensed company vehicles are electric, according to a report

Big Zero Report 2023

Just 15% of the UK’s company vehicles have transitioned to electric power.

That’s according to a study conducted by car lease comparison site Moneyshake, which analysed Department for Transport and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency’s vehicle licensing data.

The study spotlighted differences across local authorities, counties and regions, highlighting leaders and laggards in the transition.

Berkshire stands out as a leader in this electric transition, with nearly 29.23% of the county’s licensed company vehicles now being electric, according to the report.

On the other end of the spectrum, Powys trails behind, showing 3.01% of licensed company vehicles opting for electric power.

The research suggests that regionally, London emerges as a forerunner in EV adoption, boasting 22.90% of licensed company vehicles being electric.

Meanwhile, the North East registers a lower rate at 6.89%.

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