UK councils in dark over street EV charging plans

Nearly 72% of UK councils lack strategies for boosting on-street electric car charging

Big Zero Report 2023

Nearly 72% of UK local authorities don’t have strategies for boosting electric vehicle (EV) charging on streets without off-street parking.

That’s according to an investigation by Vauxhall which shows that almost 69% of councils have set up on-street chargers, despite government funds available.

Nearly 45% of the councils have no intentions of installing on-street chargers this year, the research has found.

Data from Zapmap and the Department for Transport shows that as of 1st July 2023, just 34% of the UK’s 44,020 public chargepoints were on-street chargers.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates 80% of EV charging is done at home – however, approximately 40% of households, rising to 60% in urban areas, lack driveways or dedicated off-street parking for private chargepoints.

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