UK considers cutting planning ‘red tape’ to accelerate energy projects

The government plans to expedite approval for nationally significant infrastructure projects in energy, transport, water and waste sectors

Big Zero Report 2023

The UK Government has unveiled a new plan to speed up the approval process for major infrastructure projects.

The focus will be on developments in energy, transport, water and waste sectors – projects could include offshore wind farms, nuclear power stations, transport connections and waste facilities.

The proposed changes aim to cut down bureaucratic red tape, making it easier for large-scale projects to be approved and executed swiftly.

By streamlining the consent process from start to finish, the government hopes to significantly reduce the time it takes for crucial decisions to be made.

The plans are part of the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects consultation, which starts today and concludes in mid-September.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Significant infrastructure projects don’t just ensure that people can get to work easily, do their recycling, and power their homes.

“They also create jobs, grow our economy, and help us become fit for the future.”

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