Square Mile harnesses power from below

The Salisbury Square Development becomes the first Square Mile project to implement a standalone geothermal borehole system

Big Zero Report 2023

The Salisbury Square Development, situated in the Square Mile, has completed the first of over 60 geothermal boreholes.

These boreholes, reaching a depth of 240 metres, make it the first project in the area to adopt a standalone closed-loop cooling and heating system.

Installed by Mace and subcontractor G Core, these geothermal boreholes are among the deepest in the City of London, going deeper than three-quarters of the height of the Shard.

By utilising the consistent temperatures found deep underground, this geothermal system provides an energy-efficient way to heat and cool the development using all-electric solutions powered by renewable sources.

Funded by the City of London Corporation, the Salisbury Square Development will house a flagship facility for His Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services and a modern headquarters for the City of London Police.

Chris Hayward, Policy Chairman at the City of London Corporation, said: “We are committed to using innovative technologies to reduce our carbon emissions, reach our net zero 2040 target and create a more sustainable London.”

Assistant Commissioner Paul Betts of the City of London Police commented: “This key milestone is the first stage of developing the Future Police Estate, providing state of the art, efficient facilities for the force, whilst creating a far more sustainable footprint.”

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