Engineers offered £500 discounts to become certified heat pump installers

The government has launched a competition for providers to secure £500 discounts for training 4,000 heat network installers

Big Zero Report 2023

Heating engineers in England now have the opportunity to receive a £500 grant towards training to become qualified heat pump installers.

The initiative is part of the government’s £5 million Heat Training Grant, aimed at creating a skilled workforce to support the scaling up of heat pump installations.

Nearly 60 approved training centres across England will provide training to more than 6,000 heating engineers, with a discount making it easier for individuals to undergo the training.

The scheme, which opened today, offers a £500 discount per person on the training cost, which is typically around £600.

Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance, said:  “Heat pumps and heat networks are critical technologies for decarbonising heat – and play an important role in the country’s push towards net zero.

“With consumer demand set to surge in the coming years, we have committed to helping industry manufacture our own heat pumps and we will need thousands more expert installers ready for action.”

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