Net zero by 2041 – “It’s an achievable goal”

That’s what West Midlands Mayor Andy Street had to say on his region’s net zero target

Big Zero Report 2023

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What is the West Midlands doing in particular to quash its carbon footprint and reach net zero?

“When setting our target, we didn’t just pick a number out of the air for when we would achieve net zero. We did a lot of research with some leading universities to say when is it realistic? We chose 2041, it’s right in the middle of the pack, some have gone for 2030, of course the national government is 2050 – we’re in the middle but believe it is an achievable goal.”

That’s what Mayor Andy Street had to say during his Big Zero Lecture at the Big Zero Show – but why does the area believe its goal is truly attainable?

Mr Street details all about the local plan and what Coventry is doing that has helped it stand out from the rest.

Watch the full session to learn more.

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