West Midlands Mayor says he wants Coventry to be an “exemplar place”

I spoke to Andy Street at the Big Zero Show about the region’s net zero desires and commitments

Big Zero Report 2023

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I spoke with Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street, at the Big Zero Show who started off by stating: “It’s brilliant the show is here in Coventry, thank you for making the decision to come here.”

Explaining his aims for the area in the future regarding net zero, the Mayor added: “I want us to be seen as a place that’s leading in this. Many people would already say we are in terms of how our net zero plan is being implemented, not just talked about, implemented.”

Mr Street explained the sectors the area was leading in, including electric vehicles and energy supply and distribution.

“I hope in years to come people will say that the advantages we had and what we made of them actually made this an exemplar place,” he said.

The West Midlands Combined Authority has set a net zero target of 2041, nine years before the national date.

Andy Street’s Big Zero Lecture that he delivered live at the show is available to watch on demand on the Big Zero Show website.

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