Thursday 8 June 2023

Robinsons squashes plastic footprint with plant-based packaging

Robinsons squashes plastic footprint with plant-based packaging

Drinks brand Robinsons is trialling new packaging for its squash; made with 89% plant-based materials.

The company claims the change will see 85% less plastic used per serving of its squash, with an average of 60 serves per 500ml bottle.

Labelled the ‘Ecopack,’ this packaging has been brought to Tesco stores across the UK using its strongest squash available.

Britvic, which owns Robinsons, has said that since 2017 it has reduced the amount of plastics it uses in its brands by more than 4,000 tonnes with new packaging ideas.

A small amount of unrecyclable plastic is used in the cartons however, to stop liquid seeping through – Robinsons has said.

Fiona Graham from Robinsons stated: “Making Robinsons available in this new format allows consumers to feel confident in the knowledge that the pack they’ve chosen has more serves but used less packaging per serve – and can be recycled once finished.

“All packaging types have their own unique benefits and challenges and we know there is currently no one silver bullet. That said, we believe that continuing to innovate with products such as Robinsons Ecopack will bring us one step closer to a solution and provide consumers with a range of options.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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