Tuesday 6 June 2023

E.ON offers EV funding for fleets

E.ON offers EV funding for fleets

E.ON has partnered with Horizon Energy Ventures (HEV) to offer funding solutions for EV charging infrastructure services targeting fleet customers.

The collaboration aims to address the cost challenges associated with investing in new charging infrastructure.

The agreement comes in response to the growing demand for leasing charging infrastructure among fleet operators, as indicated by a survey conducted by GreenFleet on behalf of HEV, which found that 94% of respondents would consider such leasing options.

The funding provided by HEV offers fleet customers an alternative to upfront capital expenditure, supporting their efforts to decarbonise their operations.

HEV's financing options cover both the above-ground charging infrastructure and any necessary energy system enhancements.

E.ON's General Manager Dave Butters has highlighted the increasing installation of charge points by business and fleet operators and the resulting need for greater support and funding options to cover the associated infrastructure costs.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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