Government urged to promote all zero emission vehicles for net zero target

UKPIA has called on the government to promote all types of zero emission vehicles, including e-fuels

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Trade association UKPIA has called on the government to broaden its approach to decarbonising transportation by allowing all types of zero emission cars and vans (ZEVs) instead of solely focusing on electric vehicles (EVs).

UKPIA responded to a government consultation on the zero emission vehicle mandate, advocating for a “technology-neutral” strategy to achieve the most efficient path towards net zero.

Currently, the Department for Transport only permits ZEVs with no exhaust emissions, such as battery or fuel cell electric vehicles.

In contrast, the EU recently announced its intention to include ZEVs powered by e-fuels after 2035 to facilitate the achievement of net zero.

UKPIA suggests that the UK should adopt a similar approach.

Elizabeth de Jong, Chief Executive Officer of UKPIA, stated: “Vehicles with no tailpipe emissions will play a crucial role in decarbonising the UK’s transport sector and we have provided constructive feedback to ensure that the government’s mandate supports their deployment.”

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