Net Hero Podcast – Can e-fuels drive us to net zero?

I chat with a scientist about the use of e-fuels, so we can keep our current vehicles but just make them carbon neutral

Big Zero Report 2023

EVs that’s the future of transport isn’t it? Well that’s the consensus in this country but perhaps not elsewhere.

Many nations including Germany and certainly in developing countries are thinking more about the use of e-fuels to power traditional cars. Electrofuels are basically synthetic fuels made by capturing CO2 and mixing with Hydrogen made from wind or solar. In essence the cars burn the fuel like petrol or diesel, they do produce CO2 but no particulates and end up being effectively carbon neutral.

Can they really be the cleaner way to decarbonise transport? I explore this fascinating subject with Markus Speith from Siemens Energy, who have been building a prototype e-fuel facility in Chile.

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