Ex-Energy Minister: ‘The rest of the world is leapfrogging the UK in policy’

Find out what the country’s former Energy Minister has to say on progress to net zero in this week’s podcast

Big Zero Report 2023

“I feel incredibly lucky and proud of what we did. [But] really post my time the government lost its way completely for all the reasons we won’t need to go into; some leadership, Brexit.

“And so all the things we really needed to be doing to be doubling down on those promises have just slightly fallen by the wayside.”

That’s what ex Energy Minister Claire Perry O’Neill had to say in this week’s Net Hero Podcast on the progression of net zero since she left her post.

Now working as a consultant and net zero advocate, she explained the good and bad from a government point of view since the 2050 date was enshrined in law.

Listen to the full episode to hear more.

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