The future of farming as depicted by artificial intelligence

Over the next few decades, the way we produce food will need to change dramatically if we’re to meet the needs of a growing population and reduce our impact on the planet

Big Zero Show 2023

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has set the agricultural industry the ambitious goal of transitioning to net zero by 2040 – a whole 10 years before the UK government’s 2050 own Net Zero target for the country. This means that, if successful, farming could be seen as the trailblazers for other sectors on their path to decarbonisation.


How this looks for small farms will be very different to how it looks for large enterprises. Yet, every farm, no matter the size, will need to use new innovations to maximise operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


In a series of striking new images made using artificial intelligence, we explore the emerging trends and technologies to show what the future could hold for UK farmers.


What does the future of farming hold? Find out here.

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