Thursday 2 February 2023

Government puts £10m towards decarbonising transport

Government puts £10m towards decarbonising transport

The government has set aside £10 million to build a new research hub, focussed on cutting the carbon emissions of UK transport.

Applications have been opened for bidders to host this new hub, which the government will help in building and providing the necessary infrastructure for research work.

Labelled the ‘Net Zero Transport for a Resilient Future Hub,’ the Department for Transport is hopeful it can help reduce the 27% of overall British emissions that transport is responsible for every year.

The centre will work with the government up until 2050 to ensure it is on course to reach its net zero goals.

Increasing the use of recycled materials, changing the designs of streets and decreasing the time between research and implementation phase will all be areas of focus.

Jesse Norman, Decarbonisation Minister, said: “Innovation is key to the growth of the transport sector, and the creation of high-skilled jobs and business opportunities across the UK.

“This new UK research hub will build a centre of excellence for the future development of low carbon transport.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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