Tuesday 24 January 2023

Somerset opening first ‘net zero’ school

Somerset opening first ‘net zero’ school

Somerset’s first net zero school has been granted planning permission by the county council.

Orchard Grove Primary School in Taunton is set to cost £11.3 million and include solar panels for energy generation, as well as parking for electric vehicles.

It is being built using a German construction idea called Passivhaus, meaning ‘passive house.’ This concept sees the building built with low energy use for heating and cooling in mind – to reduce the carbon footprint during use and after use.

The school, with a capacity of 420, is set to open for students in September 2024.

Tessa Munt, Councillor, said: “I'm thrilled that this school has been approved and children in the area will have the opportunity to learn in a green environment.

“It’s important to keep energy costs down so schools can focus their resources on education. This is a historic school build we can all take great pride in.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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