Monday 5 September 2022

‘EV charger availability to be 98% worse in 2031’

‘EV charger availability to be 98% worse in 2031’

Finding a charger for your electric vehicle (EV) in nine years will be 98% harder than it is today.

That’s according to new research from GoCompare, claiming that the proposed rate of charger installations across the UK in the next decade is not enough to facilitate the move away from petrol and diesel cars that the government wants to impose.

Currently, there are 266 EVs per public charger in Britain and with the projected rate of installations there will be 527 EVs per charger in 2031.

The number of EVs on the roads will rapidly explode, as drivers become unable to purchase new petrol and diesel cars.

The issue isn’t the cars, it’s the infrastructure, the research stresses.

More charger installations are set for the forthcoming years – but not to the rate that adoption will increase, it alleges.

According to the report, Luton will become the worst place in the UK to charge your car, with one public charger per 10,900 cars.

West Berkshire is set to not trail too far behind this, with 10,200 drivers needing to share one chargepoint.

Considering current projections, Dorset and parts of Scotland will become the best place to own an EV – with one charger available per 16 cars and 19-to-one in the Scottish Highlands.

The research uses the government’s estimation that the number of EVs registered in the UK by 2031 will increase by 509% from last year, to 7.9 million.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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