Gogoro to roll out electric scooter sharing service in Taichung City

Since 2019, GoShare, which uses the battery-swapping e-scooters, has hosted 20m rides that have helped save seven million kgs of CO2 emissions

Net Hero Podcast

Gogoro has formed a partnership to rollout mobility sharing service using electric scooters in the Taiwanese City of Taichung.

Its GoShare Smartscooters, which uses the battery-swapping e-scooters, will be available 24/7 to residents in the second most populated city in Taiwan and will provide exclusive riding coupons to 50,000 students in 17 universities.

Since 2019, GoShare has 1.6 million registered users in seven cities and hosted 20 million rides that have helped save seven million kgs of CO2 emissions.

Gogoro has teamed up with Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) and Taichung City to accelerate the smart city transformation and support the transition to cleaner transportation.

Taichung Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu said: “From battery swapping infrastructure to electric vehicle subsidies, Taichung City has been on the forefront of rolling out sustainable mobility solutions. Gogoro’s leading innovations to deliver electric mobility and TSMC’s focus on sustainability make them the perfect fit for Taichung.

“Together, we will create a new paradigm for cities to operate in smarter, cleaner and more sustainable ways.”